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How, where, what and with whom to learn to become a better musician, sogwriter, to better play in the band and better get along on the music market? What to do right after finishing music school? Where to draw the knowledge about the roots music or new music production methods from?

Seventh edition of the conference and festival of the new music industry TAK BRZMI MIASTO / HEAR THE CITY, which will take place on 17-18th of November in Teatr Nowy Proxima in Kraków under the banner ‘education’, is a 2 days filled with practical workshops, lectures and discussion pannels. The event is intended for both, formally educated and self-taught musicians.

Managers, educators, famous musicians and representatives of music schools and academies from all over the world will run over 30 workshops and lectures on i.a. financing band’s activity abroad, applying on foreign academies, roots music, entrepreneurship in music, songrwiting, musicians presence on the Internet, modern music production, and newest methods of instrumental exercising. And all that to make musicians live on the music market better.


  • Melissa CrossMELISSA CROSS
    Classically trained, Melissa Cross, is the international “go to” expert for singers of metal and active rock. Her dedicated research and ingenuity in vocal pedagogy and mechanics continue to provide successful strategies for extreme phonation, as well as effective regimens for tour stamina and vocal health maintenance for all genres of vocal performance. Her client list includes the high profile lead singers of metal, including Lamb of God, Slipknot, Disturbed, Killswitch Engage, as well as many other past and present Billboard Top 100 clients. Melissa has evolved a unique method of vocal training featured in the critically acclaimed release of two vocal instructional DVDs, “The Zen of Screaming” (2005) and “Zen of Screaming 2 (2007).
  • Michał UrbaniakMICHAŁ URBANIAK
    Jazzman, internationally renowned violinist, saxophonist, composer, arranger, young talents finder, born in Poland ‘citizen of the world’. Known as the coauthor and creator of the fusion genre. In 1973 went away to New York. Became famous for the Tutu album, recorded with the jazz legend, Miles Davis. Invited and was invited to cooperation by such world famous jazz artists as Quincy Jones, Billy Cobham, Stephane Grappelli, Joe Zawinul, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Kenny Garrett, George Benson , Marcus Miller, Jaco Pastorius, Toots Thielmans, Kenny Kirkland, Larry Coryell, Lenny White, Alphonze Mouzon. Leader, composer, arranger of his own projects: Jazz Legends, Fusion, Urbanator, Urbanizer, UrbSymphony. At the Montreux ’71 awarded Grand Prix for the best soloist. Performed at the most important jazz festivals all over the world: Newport Jazz Festival, JVC Festiwal, Chicago Jazz Festival, Lugano, Den Haag, and others. Several times gave concerts in Carnegie Hall, Avery Fisher and famous world and New York’s jazz clubs, i.a. Blue Note, Village Vanguard, Sweet Basil. Multiple times awarded, winner of foreign plebiscites, his name appeared on 1st place in five categories in prestigious Down Beat (1992) among the biggest jazz artists.
  • Joe HubbardJOE HUBBARD
    Bass guitar player, composer, educator. Pupil of legendary jazz music teacher, Charlie Banacos, who for almost 30 years have been working i.a. with Michael Brecker or Mike Stern; reader, author of educational books, univeristy programs and on-line bass school. Names like Pino Palladino (Adele, The Who, John Mayer), Nick Beggs (Kajagoogoo, Steven Wilson, Alphaville), Dave Swift (Jools Holland) or Paul Turner (Jamiroquai) have cropped out amongst his private students. As a musician he was concertising and recording albums with Gary Numan or leading jazz musicians, among others George Whitty, David Garibaldi, George Benson, Frank Gambale. According to the words of Jeff Berlin, bass guitar master:’Joe is one of the most competent bass guitar and music teachers in the world.’
  • Leszek BiolikLESZEK BIOLIK
    Musician and producer. Played, among others, with Republika, Obywatel GC, Stanisław Sojka, Maanam, Robert Gawliński, Elements. Produced albums, worked and played with e.g. Brodka, The Car Is On Fire, Marcin Rozynek, Małgorzata Ostrowska, Fiolka, Misia Ff, T.Love, Justyna Steczkowska, Grzegorz z Ciechowa, Magnificent Muttley, 8 Lat w Tybecie. Creator and cofounder of Otwarta Scena (Open Stage) Foundation, which handles recording and promotion of the live video sessions for young, promising artists. The foundation made over 120 recordings for over 40 artists thus far. On the Open Stage performed e.g. Organek, Kaseciarz, Jóga, Enchanted Hunters, Mela Koteluk, Hokei, Julia Marcell, Rykarda Parasol, Babu Król, Wovoka, L. Stadt, Skubas
  • Joanna BronisławskaJOANNA BRONISŁAWSKA
    Artist, musician, pedagogue, culture animator, actvist. Associated with independent record label mi.musik! Member of the bands Mołr Drammaz and The Complainer. Album Wszystko mam! Tylko gdzie? released in 2006 was her solo debut. Her portfolio includes many concerts and artistic events in country and abroad, i.a. OFF Festival, Open’er Festival, Ars Cameralis Katowice, Tauron Nowa Muzyka, c-side Festival Izrael, SKIF San Petersburg, Subtropic Festival Miami, Puls Londyn. For over 20 years she has been working on extrasystemic music education; running her own original music workshops. Joanna was a curator of 2011 EUGENIUSZ children’s stage which took place in Warsaw for the Inauguration of Polish EU Presidency. In 2011 and 2014 nominated to the title of Kulturysta Roku, Polish Radio Three award. The ambassador of Muzykoteka Szkolna. Album with recordings with music classes and workshops run by Joanna (jest LEKCJAjestTEMAT) was released in 2015 in cooperation of Glissando, contemporary music magazine, Muzykoteka Szkolna and NinA. Member of the UNESCO policy council, from 2016 at invitation of Katowice City of Gardens – Institution of Culture has been creating Muzykodrom – music flights platform, place for recurrent music workshops. From 2017, together with Aukso Chamber Orchestra of City of Tychy running periodic broadcast for children and parents Aukso4Kids.
  • Tim CotterellTIM COTTERELL
    Musician and sound designer, has been active in popular music education for 20 years, as a teacher, manager and curriculum designer. He was involved in setting up a college of contemporary music, Access to Music Brighton and worked there for over 15 years, running popular music performance and technology courses at levels 1-4, before moving into training teachers. He contributed to the writing of the RSL popular music qualification, which is delivered at over 300 centres across the UK and continues to moderate and examine these qualifications. He also taught on the undergraduate programme at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London. He is now Senior tutor on the Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching at BIMM.
  • Katarzyna CzechowskaKATARZYNA CZECHOWSKA
    Associated with the music industry for 15 years. In recent years, she has been focused on marketing and digital distribution of music. Currently, she cooperates with Kayax’s label and management as Head of Marketing and formerly Digital Marketing Manager. She is fascinated by new media and technological innovations. In addition to her professional work, she is a PhD student and she writes a doctoral dissertation at the Kozminski University in the field of new business models of the phonographic industry in the digital era in Poland.
  • Maciej DzikMACIEJ DZIK
    Drummer, known especially from his collaboration with the band Disperse and Norwegian producer Owane. In 2014 nominated to Polskie Nagrody Perkusyjne (Polish Percussion Awards) in category Nadzieja Roku (Hope of the Year). One of the first Polish endorsers of the brands Meinl and Tama. Coworked with Agnieszka Chylińska, Kasia Stankiewicz, runs YouTube channel, records albums for foreign artists and at this very moment he’s getting ready for the Polish tour with Disperse.
    Author, bass player, educator. Creator of a blog Muzyk 2.0 promoting an idea of a new music industry and supporting DIY marketing initiatives. Władek has an 8 years of work experience for the biggest brands of the Polish advertising market (with stops for philological studies, training for trainers and business psychology). 10 years of exploring music industry from the concertising musician perspective.
  • Małgorzata FrankowskaMAŁGORZATA FRANKOWSKA
    For 15 years she’s been an organizer and producer of concerts and artisitic events in Kraków. Started in Rotunda, currently programme director in Klub Studio; director of interdisciplinary festival Synestezje. Muzyka. Plastyka. Słowo and organizer of Krakow Juwenalia. For many years was a director of Jazz Juniors International Exchange, PAKA Comedy Prevue or Summer Comedy Tournament in Giżycko. Cooperated, among others, with the International Film Festival Etiuda&Anima or Krakowskie Reminiscencje Teatralne.
  • Dawid GacekDAWID GACEK
    Since few years has been promoting in Poland Bum Bum Rurki (Bumwhackers), by using them in work with children, youth and for team building. Teaches the teachers with showing them broad scope of that teaching aids usage. As the first in the world led 661 people (employees of big company) playing on Bum Bum Rurki to setting and official Guinness Record. Travelling all over the country and prompts people to work with tubes.
  • Weronika Grozdew-KołacińskaWERONIKA

    Ethnomusicologist, singer with bulgarian roots, head of the Ethnomusicology Department of Institute of Arts of Polish Academy of Science, in years 2015-2017 coordinator of the Department of Traditional Music of The Institute of Music and Dance, co-founder and chairperson of the Polish Ethnmusicology Seminar. Multiple laureate of The New Tradition Polish Radio Folk Festival (2002, Grand Prix awarded by Czesław Niemen) and Folk Phonogram of the Year. Three music albums featuring Weronika received Fryderyk award nominations and her original musical project Kurpie Ethnophonies was nominated to the prestige award Coryphaeus of Polish Music. She combines her artistic activity with academic and research work. Author of articles about traditional music, two ‘Warsaw’ somgbooks, and book Bułgarzy katolicy. Tradycyjna kultura muzyczna diaspory, ISPAN [ Bulgarian catholics.Traditional music culture of the diaspora]. Edited the Report on the state of traditional music culture in Poland, IMIT. Member of Związek Kompozytorów Polskich [Polish Composers Association] and Polish Ethnological Society. Multiple times sat in a jury of folkloristic competitions in Poland and ran traditional singing workshops.
  • Małgorzata GrygierczykMAŁGORZATA GRYGIERCZYK
    Cooperates with Kobieca Transmisja Association; organizes music camps for women Lucciola Ladies Rock Camp in Krakow and Warsaw, assists at and supports the Karioka Girls Rock camp project.
  • Marek KądzielaMAREK KĄDZIELA
    Guitar player, composer, innovator seeking new sounds and musical challenges. Reader at the Academy of Music in Łódź. Graduate of of the jazz guitar class and composition in The Carl Nielsen Academy of Music in Denmark. Laurate of multple competitions and leader of noted music formations. Actively concertising musician and experienced pedagogue and culture animator. Invited to many music projects, varying from jazz, through folk to the contemporary and experimental music. Concertising with Kasper Tranberg, Steven Bernstein, Adam Bałdych, Michał Urbaniak, Piotr Wojtasik, Piotr Baron, Maciej Obara and many others.
  • Jakub KasperskiJAKUB KASPERSKI
    Musicologist and academy teacher. Assistant professor at the Musicology Institute of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. In 2004/2005 studied at Paris Sorbonne. In 2011 obtained his doctorate from thesis Muzyka popularna jako przedmiot badań muzykologii (Popular music as a subject of musicology research). From that moment he’s been specializing in popular music and teaching its history at his alma mater. Participated in many domestic and foreign conferences, i.a. in UK, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Finland, Spain. Publishes in Polish and English and his works treat about history and methodology of popular music research, covers issue, heavy and nu-metal stylistics, Czesław Niemen’s work, beginnings of Polish pop music, and many others. From 2009 he’s been a member of IASMP (International Association for the Study of Popular Music) and co-founder and a borad member of Polish association MUTE (Polish Popular Music Studies Research Association). Since many years has been also working with Poznań Philharmonic and Poznań composers environment as a compere and concerts commentator, among others with Poznańska Wiosna Muzyczna (Poznań Music Spring festival).
  • Jan KrólJAN KRÓL
    Since 8 years in a relationship with a radio, and it’s complicated. Responsible for music in Krakow Radiofonia, hosts the Scena Rozmaitości broadcast. Conducted dozens of interviews and coverages from music events. Wrote for portals progressive-bolt, Nowa Muzyka and RMFon. Lector and DJ. From many years has been taking care of MediaTory gala’s musical frame. Graduate of Hungarian studies. Fan of paprika, trip-hop and Monika Bellucci.
  • Anna KukANNA KUK
    Pedagogue, violinist, graduate of Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music and The Guildhall School of Music & Drama in London. She was performing, i.a. at BBC Proms, Aix-en-Provence Festival, Chopin and His Europe, NFM Festival, Grafenegg Festival and Miami Summer Festival. Teaches the violin play in primary school in Dobczyce.
  • Agata KuliśAGATA KULIŚ
    Singer, composer, two-time stipendist Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA. Her musical education started in Stanisław Wiechowicz Music School in Kraków where she had studied piano; and Mieczysław Karłowicz State Music School in Katowice where she had trained her voice. Winner of i.a. European Scholarship/ Berklee (2013), Berklee International Grant (2014) and Award of the Listening Public of Polish Radio Rampa in New York (2015). Gave concerts in many European countries, as well as United States and Kenya. Her debut album Come a little closer recorded in US is a mix of classical smooth jazz/R&B repertoire; produced by Debo Ray and mixed by multiple Grammy Award laureate Alex Venguer.
  • Adam LewartowskiADAM LEWARTOWSKI
    Bass player of L.Stadt group, a manager of Iza Lach. Certified band-coach. A musician, producer and a pedagogue.
  • Viola Łabanow-JastrząbVIOLA ŁABANOW-JASTRZĄB
    Harpsichordist and piano player, animator, founder and a chairperson of Muzyka jest dla wszystkich Foundation. As a musician since 35 years she’s been working with The Warsaw Chamber Orchestra, where she’s been realizing basso continuo in baroque and classical opera. Since many years her passion has been also culture animation, amateur music-making and changes in the area of public music education activities. With the Foundation’s young team she creates and realizes many projects, such as Smykofonia – muzyka dla melomaluszków, Akcja Labirynt (workshop for primary and junior high school students in the Sinfonia Varsovia seat), Festival Strefa ciszy (Sphere of Silence) in Royal Łazienki, the Music Teacher competition, Latająca szkoła rocka (Flying School of Rock) in 2nd junior high school in Warszaw, STAYnia. Eksperymentalna Pracownia Muzyczna, Dream Up – music education in sociotherapeutical clubhouses. Participated in works of the team of experts by the Polish Music Council, longstanding PMC board member. One of the founders of PSEiAM (Polish Society of the Music Education and Animation), 2014. Together with other organizations, members of the PMC cocreated the effort #grajmy w szkole (let’s play at school) for the music-making in Polish education system. Succesfully realizing OPERA ENTER programme for children and youth in Warsaw Chamber Orchestra. In 2013 awarded with TVP Kultura Gwarancja kultury (Culture Guarantee) prize in culture manager category.
  • Maciej MadejskiMACIEJ MADEJSKI
    A radio host of Afera Poznań, concert promoter at SIDEWAYS booking and promotion agency, organizing polish tours for rock, alternative and jazz groups from all over the world, primarily from former Eastern Bloc, DJ and PR rep, aide of European music export offices.
  • Jan MalskiJAN MALSKI
    From 2018 has been working with Especto Agency and Forty Kleparz Music Club, where he’s been acting as a club’s concert manager. Since 2014 art director of Krynica Źródłem Kultury cycle, and since 2016 – Hej Fest. He is also an organizer of Support Festival, Polish nationwide competition for young bands. In the past cooperated with i.a. Antyradio, Grand Music Club in Kielce. Since 6 years has been one of the coorganizer of nationwide music workshop taking place in Muzyczna Owczarnia in Jaworki.
  • Michał MarczakMICHAŁ MARCZAK
    Pianist, producer and teacher. Founder and originator of Kraków music school Piano Lab. Musician in So Flow, where he plays synths and keyboard instruments, creates also solo music as Misz. Graduate of 1st and 2nd degree music schools, nowadays, as a teacher, puts emphasis on development of creativity and improvisation skills. Together with So Flow he played i.a. in Agnieszka Osiecka studio of Polish Radio Three and festivals, such as Artloop, Netia Off Camera and Slot Art Festival.
  • Steve NashSTEVE NASH
    Triple DJ’s World Champion and twofold runner-up in International Finger Drumming Competition organized by Akai as a part of the Sample Music Festival in Berlin. Pianist, composer and music producer. Breaching music standards and offbeat mixing of music genres is his identification mark – for that he was awarded, among others with Mateusz, Polish Radio Three Music Award for the Phonographic Debut of the Year for Steve Nash & Turntable Orchestra album Out of Fade. Works with Polish departments of the Ableton and Akai companies. Runs many workshops on topics he explores in his everyday studio and sceninc work. Interested in making new instruments and promgramming devices in a way allowing to discover in them nonobvious potential and solutions. On stage he collaborated with artists like O.S.T.R, Dawid Podsiadło, Organek, Natalia Nykiel, and lately he’s been producing and playing with Anina Rusowicz in band niXes.
  • Erik NielsenERIK NIELSEN
    Artist manager and music industry consultant whose Wingnut Music counts Elton John’s Rocket Music, James Blunt, Bryan Ferry, 2CELLOS, The Hoosiers, producer Martin Terefe and leading digital analysts Music Ally amongst his clients. During his 11-year tenure with Marillion, he launched their pioneering direct-to-fan business in 1997 that became the basis for modern-day crowdfunding. Erik is also chair of education and former board member of the UK Music Managers Forum, co-author of The Music Management Bible, a Visiting Professor at London Metropolitan University, and a music business lecturer at BIMM music college in Birmingham.
  • Ula NowakULA NOWAK
    Music journalist, culture manager, co-organiser of Pannonica Folk Festival. Published her pieces in Jazzarium.pl, Jazz Forum, MuzykaTradycyjna.pl, Pismo Folkowe, and Gazeta Wyborcza. Cooperated, among others, with Jazz Juniors International Exchange festival and Krakow Festival Office. Since 2011 engaged in radio work. Initially her proprietary broadcast with Central and Southern Europe folk music Balkanera was aired by Krakow Radio Alfa station, afterwards in Internet radio station. Collaborated with Polish Radio Rzeszów where she prepared original series on world’s music. In 2017 she was a curator of showcasae on Musica Mundo festival in Belo Horizonte (Brazil). Curator of Bulwar[t] Sztuki Etno in Łaźnia Nowa Theatre. Music coordinator in Juliusz Słowaci Theatre in Kraków and in The Małopolska Garden of Art.
  • Georges PerotGEORGES PEROT
    Founder MESO events & European Music Day Network Greece. Involved professionally for already two decades in different fields and levels of the Music ecosystem, Georges Perot created MESO in 1998 aiming to generate a National network of the “European Music Day“ in Greece. Since then he has been the National Coordinator (55 cities in 2018) and also the Attica Artistic Producer. European Music Day is today the widest live music event of southeastern Europe, a project in which Georges accomplished to reach a concept visibility over millions of visitors. He is dexterous at developing special cultural projects from scratch, working adequately with both public and private organizations, entrepreneurs and artists. He has participated in many EU ventures and is active in several national and transnational music sector development projects. Since 2004, he has produced hundreds of original cultural and marketing events and since 2008, he is operating as a partner for various European networks such as Fete Européenne de la Musique, Viva Europa, Euricca and Global Entrepreneurship Week and he is one of the co-founders and a Board Member of the European Live Music Association.
  • Michał PietrzakMICHAŁ PIETRZAK
    Bassist, pedagogue, culture animator, in music circles and amongst friends known as Zakwas. Since 10 years has been teaching young bass guitarist artistry and workmanship of guitar playing, from 7 years has been organizing Graj(mi)dół bass guitar festival in Zgierz Cultural Centre, the biggest that type of event in Poland. Musically engaged with bands Kumama, Boso, Linia 45. He occurs to play on instrument, but also to realize concerts or studio recordings.
  • Magdalena PiotrowskaMAGDALENA PIOTROWSKA
    Mastering engineer and the owner of Hear Candy Mastering. Student of multiple times awarded (i.a. with Grammy, Tech Awards and MPG) Mandy Parnell. Magdalena is a PhD in music signal processing, graduate of Music Production and Recording (Stavanger, Norway), also a former member of the sound engineers crew in anff Centre for the Arts in Canada. Works with artists acting in different genres, for example MoMo, Kasia Pietrzko Trio, seeme, Analie Wilson, IMA KYO, Quantum Trio, and works she mastered were repeatedly nominated to Fryderyk Awards. An active member of the Audio Engineering Society, where several times she was a coordinator of the ‘Education&Student Events’ curriculum during the AES conference in Europe and US; also acted as a Governor and from 2009 has been holding an office of Chair of Ecucation Committee. One of the founder of Learn How To Sounds, which organizes trainings on sound production.
  • Olena ProkhoretsOLENA PROKHORETS
    Musician, musicologist, culture expert, artist manager. Studies trends and innovations in music education, their influence on children development and family relations. For 10 years has been running classes with children (kindergartens, school and music high schools) and adults (currently lectures at The University of Silesia in Katowice). Since 2017 she’s been working as a Pomelody’s trainer in Pomelody, and from 2018 has been a member of the creative team in Pomelody, where with other team members she works on search for the best solution for early childhood education and creation valuable musicalising program, available worldwide (www.pomelody.com).
  • Piotr RadioPIOTR RADIO
    DIY concerts organizer, focusing on Polish indie and underground scene. Creator of a DIY collective “Komuna Muzyczna”. A utopist, madman, hothead, radio host and stage announcer. Jolly bearded guy who’d love to help everyone as much as he can.
    He loves good beer, udon and Czech Rep.
  • Mateusz SarapataMATEUSZ SARAPATA
    Electronic engineer – percussionist, controllers and samplers’ operator. Together with his brother co-creates producer duo Sarapaty. Co-author of the band SALK, meber of the band of Paulina Przybysz and percussion band Wataha Drums; teacher in music production school Piano Lab. Performed on Open’er Festival, OFF Festiva, Poznan Spring Break, Gdansk Soundrive, has a tour in Iceland in his portfolio, X-Factor final and hundreds of concerts home and abroad.
  • Michał SarapataMICHAŁ SARAPATA
    Bassist, producer. Creates band SALK, cooperates i.a. with Jakub Żytecki, Paulina Przybysz and Wojtek Urbański. Furthermore, involved in producing illustrative music for the theatre (e.g. Witkacy Theatre, Ludowy Theatre), for short films and applied music.
  • Rob ShielsROB SHIELS
    Published songwriter and producer working in a wide range of music genres. He is one half of Twin Monarch, a writing/production duo based in Dublin, Ireland. Rob has written songs with artists in the UK, Canada and Nashville, as well as with the cream of Irish pop talent. As a performer, he has played festivals and toured in the UK, Ireland and US.
  • Virgo SillamaaVIRGO SILLAMAA
    He used to be guitarist recognizable in Estonian jazz and improvised music environment. Now he is focusing on music education development. Founder of the Estonian Rhythmic Music Education Society and his own record label Avarusmusic where he produces many jazz-related recordings, ensures managerial care for the artists, organizes concerts and events. He’s also Director of Music Estonia, a music industry development centre and export office in Estonia.
  • Piotr SkorupskiPIOTR SKORUPSKI
    Known also as Spisek Jednego (‘One’s conspiracy’), a distinctive character on Polish music scene, who his versatility and talent combines with engagement on many fields. Graduate of music academy in the piano class and prestigious Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp Warsaw. Noted music producer and DJ who co-created many artistic projects – apart from his solo work, i.a. Night Marks group or cooperation with Paulina Przybysz, W.E.N.A., Otscochodzi and Spinach. His albums were published by Asfalt Records, S1 Warsaw, U Know Me or Polish Juke labels. Organiser of known series Electro-Acoustic Beat Sessions (EABS) which guests were, among others, M.E.D., Coultrain, Vienio, Te-tris, W.E.N.A., Jeru The Damaja, Paulina and Natalia Przybysz, Raashan Ahmad. Awarded with Fryderyk in electronic music category for album of Paulina Przybysz, which he co-produced; got honorable mention of the Soulbowl.pl magazine who recognized him as one of the best remixers of the year 2012, and received famous award of the Wrocław Gazeta Wyborcza – WARTO. With the EABS group travelled the country (and a bit of the world too) with the material from their album ‘Repetitions (Letters to Krzysztof Komeda)’ containing bravura interpretations of Komeda’s pieces.
  • Magda Sobczak-KotnarowskaMAGDA

    Ethnomusicologist, singer and dulcimer player in Warsaw Village Band. Searching for, listening intently and learning from musicians and singers from the Mazowsze and the Lublin regions. For 10 years she’s been running singing workshop, urging may artists for further search of their own techniques and voice limits.
  • Agnieszka StachowiakAGNIESZKA STACHOWIAK
    Songwriter specialized in pop, indie pop, electro pop and folk music genres. Has been writing lyrics and composins music from almost 20 years, mainly in English and Polish. Her co-authors are, among others, Bill Padley, Anie Booth, Hannah Brine, Dominika Barabas, Silvina Moreno. Agnieszka lived for 6 years in UK and there she completed a course from songwriting at The Songwriting Academy. From 2017 has been teaching songwriting the auditors of Poznań Vocal College Art of Voice Studio run by Ewa Nawrot. Nominated to the German Songwriting Award (2017) in Music for Children category, semi-finalist of 2016 UK Songwriting Awards. Participated in many songrwriter camps, i.a. TSA’s Songwriting Bootcamp, TSA’s Andalusian Songwriting Retreat, Judy Stakee’s Songwriting Retreat, Glasgow Songwriting Festival.
  • Jarek SzubrychtJAREK SZUBRYCHT
    Publisher and editor-in-chief of Gazeta Magnetofonowa, quarterly journal on Polish music. Gazeta Wyborcza’s music journalist, associate of, i.a. Polityka. Author of books, including extended interview with Maryla Rodowicz and first ever Slayer’s biography. Member of the OFF Festival’s Advisory Board. Retired metal singer.
  • Jeff ThompsonJEFF THOMPSON
    Established in 2008, Un-Convention is a UK based global music network and development agency. The events and projects bring together artists and practitioners to share knowledge and expertise. Through this Jeff has helped to develop a number of new and innovative approaches to building sustainable careers and alternative models for the music industries. His work includes a long-term music project working with young people in Manchester, the development of a number of music co-operatives in Africa, and a revolutionary new UK based touring model called Off Axis. He has also run a number of independent record labels in Manchester and is a lecturer in Music Business.
  • Krzysztof Trebunia-TutkaKRZYSZTOF

    An architect, musician, pedagogue. Born and passionate mountaineer and Zakopane resident honoring the tradition and fighting for its survival. Graduated Faculty of Architecture on Cracow University of Technology and also holds a diploma in teaching traditional music. Founder and leader of a family folk musical group Trebunie-Tutki, highlander music band Śleboda and Małe Trebunie-Tutki (Little Trebunie-Tutki) involving his children. Author of a radio-broadcasts and lectures. Originator and creator of many albums with traditional highlander music and inspired by international cooperation, i.e. Twinkle Brothers (Jamaica), Urmuli Quintet (Georgia); author of projects with Voo Voo and Wojciech Waglewski, Krzysztof Ścierański, Kinior. Repeatedly nominated for the Phonographic Academy awards “Fryderyk”. Juror and the anchorman of many folklore and folk festivals, e.g. The New Tradition Polish radio Folk Festival. Creator of a new highlander music trend, a creative continuation of Skalne Podhale region music and an attempt of saving it for next generations. Created groundbreaking method of teaching the highlander traditional music with the sign writing he developed himself. Re-awarded for his work and lifetime achievement with Gloria Artis Medal for Merit to Culture or with the prestigious title The Polish Language Ambassador (with Trebunie-Tutki group) awarded by The Polish Language Council.
  • Wojtek UrbańskiWOJTEK URBAŃSKI
    Music producer, dj, composer. Coauthor of appreciated project RYSY. Author of music for the series Ultraviolet directed by Jan Komasa and many plays, i.a. Księgi Jakubowe and The Map and the Territory directed by Ewelina Marciniak. In recording studio collaborated, among others, with Natalia Nykiel, Wojtek Mazolewski, Justyna Święs; on stage he appeared with Zbigniew Wodecki, Katarzyna Nosowska, Monika Brodka, Organek, Miuosh, Piotr Zioła and many other artists of the home stage. Since many years he’s been performing on many festivals at home and abroad, i.a. Open’er, Audioriver, OFF, Tauron Nowa Muzyka, also in Japan, Great Britain, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Ukraine. Two his albums were released over the course of last few months, one with his proprietary material, second with Ultraviolet’s soundtrack. Published his music also in foreign record labels, e.g. Munich Compost Records. Lately his official remix for Tricky was published in Berlin K7! records. Currently in cooperation with Kayax record label producing Julia Wieniawa’s debut album.
  • Anna WeberANNA WEBER
    Wife of an orchestra musician, mum of two, Antoni and Stefan, composer, certified teacher of many music curricula. Founder of the international musicalising programme and application Pomelody (www.pomelody.com). Since almost 10 years has been running classes with children (in nurseries, kindergartens, music and ballet schools) and adults (trainings for teachers, workshop for parents). From 2014 has been co-crating project Steve Nash & Turntable Orchestra, composing music for the orchestra. She works on composing music for children, making music for the theatre performances, movies and animation’s soundtracks.
  • Michał ZawadzkiMICHAŁ ZAWADZKI
    Drummer and academic teacher. He works in the Institute of Culture, Jagiellonian University and Stockholm Business School. He loves Swedish fika: the time of drinking coffee and having small talks (sometimes interrupted by work).
  • Szymon ZeifertSZYMON ZEIFERT
    Owner of the KwadransDlaGitary.pl portal and author of several guitar tutorials. Graduate of Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice.
  • Michał WójcikMICHAŁ WÓJCIK
    It might be a little bit weird or silly to put the main organiser of the conference in the ‘guests’ part, but since Michal will be also answering the questions, instead of only asking them, we have to write something about him. At the end, those links have to lead somewhere. A CEO and one of the founders of Cracow Music Scene – an organization integrating and promoting Cracow-based bands, venues, fans. The head of Tak Brzmi Miasto conference/showcase festival. Michal is also a lead singer and guitarist for a band Cinemon.


17 NOVEMBER 2018
18 NOVEMBER 2018
TEATR PROXIMA --- --- --- ---

Do we need the education?

A perfect graduate

School’s out!

How do they do it around the world?

A laptop is a new guitar

It’s in the roots!

Mentoring in music

Virtual education

Teaching the teachers

How, when and why to start?

Music in a creative city

Music production workshop with Leszek Biolik

How to practice with maximum efficiency?

Sound workshop with Asi Mina: that’s how WE sound!

Workshop for music managers with Erik Nielsen

Wild drums

Songwriting Micro Camp

Workshop with Pomelody

Boomwhackers in education

White voice

Black voice

Beat in 90 minutes: music production workshop

My Name Is New

Music Export Poland: fundraising workshop

How to move on the stage to move the crowds?

How to get scholarship in Berklee?

Entrepreneurship and innovation in music

Meet & Greet

Ask me anything: Wojciech Urbański

Michał Urbaniak

Tak Brzmi Miasto Incubator

Meet & Eat

Kraków Street Band

Neal Cassady


Transmission Zero

Samurai Cop



Hyper Son

Edyta Górecka



All conference rooms – Literacka hall, Galeria Off-Frame and Teatr Nowy Proxima – are placed in one building.

  • Ul.Krakowska 41, Kraków
  • Nearest bus/tram stop: Plac Wolnica
  • Free parking in the streets on weekends/holiday

Additional workshop space is located in SkładMuzyczny.pl

  • Ul. Skawińska 14, Kraków
  • Nearest bus/tram stop: Plac Wolnica
  • Free parking in the streets on weekends/holiday


All concert venues are placed within 10 minutes distance.

  • Ul. Bożego Ciała 9, Kraków
  • Nearest bus/tram stop: Stradom
  • Free parking in the streets on weekends/holiday
  • Ul. Estery 5, Kraków
  • Nearest bus/tram stop: Miodowa
  • Free parking in the streets on weekends/holiday
  • Ul. Nadwiślańska 1, Kraków
  • Nearest bus/tram stop: Plac Wolnica
  • Free parking in the streets on weekends/holiday


All In Uj
Robert Amirian (Nextpop)
Agnieszka Barańska (Radio Kraków)
Anna Ceynowa (Ministerstwo Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego)
Sandra Cieniawska (Radio 17)
Łukasz Chrzanowski (NCK Kraków)
Katarzyna Cudek (Krakowskie Biuro Festiwalowe)
Krzysztof Czaja (Life Festival Oświęcim)
Tomek Doksa (Gazeta Magnetofonowa)
Borys Dubiański
Damian Ekman (Hand2Band / Ted Nemeth)
Paulina Gosk (Red Bull)
Justyna Grochal (Interia.pl)
Mila Gromysz (Radio Nowinki)
Joanna Hała (Głośniej.com)
Marek Hojda (Music Export Poland)
Paweł “Hares” Hordejuk (Mokre Buty / Happysad)
Marcin Janusiński (Emergenza)
Anna Jaśkielewicz (ZPAV)
Tamara Kamińska (Music Export Poland)
Kuba Kasznia (Aby Road)
Bartosz Kicior (Interia.pl)
Hubert Kozera (Łódzkie Centrum Wydarzeń / Songwriter Łódź Festival)
Jan Król (Radiofonia)
Antoni Krupa (Radio Kraków)
Wojciech Kułaga (Wywrota.pl)
Tomasz Lipiński (ZAiKS)
Tomek Olszewski (Pan Winyl)
Mateusz Opyrchał (RMF FM)
Krzysztof Pikuła (Independent Digital)
Maciej Pilarczyk (Chaos Management)
Kamil Piotrowski (Folk 24)
Grzegorz Potoczek (CMA)
Psychosound Studio
Przemysław Ścisłek (Influencer Manager)
Sebastian Rerak (Onet.pl)
Smutni muzycy z umową o dzieło
Kasia Sochacka (Aby Road)
Bartosz Suchecki (Karnet)
Michał Surówka (NSB Entertainment)
Maja Szyma (Mystic Production / Sofar Sounds Kraków)
Jakub Śliwiński (Off Kraków / Radio Kraków)
Agata Trafalska (Jazzboy)
Anita Trebunia – Tutka
Witt Wilczyński (Folk 24)
Paweł Wilk (Radio 17)
Piotr Worobiej (All in Card)
Bart Zaborowski (Bart Music Library)
Jacek Zapart (Muzyka Alternatywna)
Maria Zimny (JazzPress / Gazeta Magnetofonowa / Off Radio Kraków)




+48 694 713 732

Tomasz Bysiewicz
+48 667 619 155

Władek Foltyński
+48 606 211 523