Tak Brzmi Miasto (Hear the City) Incubator  is the first in Poland free program supporting the music business, created for self-managed musicians and bands as well as the managers, that will take place in four Polish cities: Kraków, Katowice, Łódź and Poznań. The goal is to provide you with knowledge, skills and contacts that will help you to function better on the music market.

Under the care of four experienced curators and   in the group of selected participants you will get to know topics related to:  financial, legal, business, media, productional and artistic aspects of band’s and manager’s work.

During that time you will meet other motivated artists and managers and will have a chance to receive funds helping you promote your music on partnering festivals or getting knowledge on other events (mobility support). For remarkable participants, there will be an intense training course Summer Camp, and all that qualify to the program will be offered individual consultations with music professionals.


1.Music conference and showcase Tak Brzmi Miasto 2018 (November 17-18th, Cracow)

During the conference Tak Brzmi Miasto 2018, we inaugurated Tak Brzmi Miasto: Incubator. We introduced partners and staff as well as the general rules of the recruitment and details of the program.

The culmination of Tak Brzmi Miasto: Incubator will be the next edition of the conference Tak Brzmi Miasto 2019 where the rundown on the project and it’s possible continuation will be presented.

2. Tak Brzmi Miasto Academy (March 2019 – October 2019, Kraków, Katowice, Łódź, Poznań)

Tak Brzmi Miasto Academy is a series of workshops and meetings run by music professionals, that will take place in four partnering cities of the project: Kraków, Katowice, Łódź, Poznań. The goal is not only to provide you with the newest and tested knowledge about the music market, but also to work regularly on the challenges concerning your career in music.

Every city will hold at least 6 meetings. Every city has it’s own curator, who will “take care” of the participants over the whole program:

Łódź – Leszek Biolik (musician, producer)
Katowice – Paweł Hordejuk (manager, e.g. Happysad)
Poznań – Daga Gregorowicz (DagaDana)
Kraków – Agata Trafalska (manager, e.g. Kortez)


3. Community Meetings

In addition to workshops, there will be ‘community meetings’ organised within the project. That’s when we want to identify the collective goals of participants and plan the strategy to achieve the aims so that the participants could support each other even after finishing the project. During these meetings we will also host different guests from the music business.

4. Summer Camp 2019 (August 2019)

In July/September in Kraków there will be held a ten days camp for outstanding participants of the project from all the cities. Accommodation and food costs will be covered. The camp will hold an intense course developing the themes of Tak Brzmi Miasto Academy and the community meetings.

Additionally, there will be instrumental workshops, jam sessions and concerts.

5. Supporting Artists’ Mobility

Uczestnicy projektu będą mogli skorzystać z refundacji kosztów podróży i zakwaterowania w trakcie ich wyjazdów na festiwale, konferencje czy koncerty poza granicami miasta (i kraju). Refundacja ta dotyczyć będzie w szczególności występów w ramach wydarzeń partnerskich – takich jak festiwale czy znane showcase’y.

6. Supporting Managers’ Mobility

Artists’ managers (or self-managed artists) can also look to financial support for their trips to music conferences or workshops, where they will broaden their knowledge and improving their skills.

7. On-line Consultations

Throughout the duration of the program, the participants will be able to contact music professionals from all around the world. It will be possible to consult any musical idea or find answers for even the hardest questions.

How to participate?


Tak Brzmi Miasto: Incubator is free of charge. The number of vacancies per city is limited: we can accept up to 30 participants per city. To qualify to the program, fill the application form choosing the nearest city . The participants will be selected by jury consisted of organisers and curators of the program who will assay artistic quality of sent materials and developing potential of the candidate.

Every candidate who didn’t qualify to the program can make use of workshops and lectures as an auditor, but he/she won’t be able to take part in refund program (Supporting Artists’ and Managers’ Mobility), Summer Camp or Individual Consultations.

That’s why it’s worth taking the application form seriously to convince the jury with the quality of your music or your focus on career development!


ŁÓDŹ – Leszek Biolik

Musician and music producer. Played with Republika, Obywatel, CG, Stanisław Sojka, Maanam, Robert Gawliński, Elements. He has been producing albums, recording and cooperating with Brodka, The Car is on Fire, Marcin Rozynek, Małgorzata Ostrowska, Fiolka, Misia Ff, T.Love, Justyna Steczkowska, Grzegorz z Ciechowa, Magnificent Muttley, 8 Lat w Tybecie and many others. The founder and co-creator of Otwarta Scena foundation that is focused on recording and promoting video live sessions for remarkable young artists. The foundation has realized around 120 recordings for over 40 artists.

In Incubator Leszek will provide his support in areas like music production and collaboration work between band, label and producer.

KRAKÓW – Paweł Hordejuk

Manager of Happysad band, he has also worked with e.g. Indios Bravos and Lorein. Owner of Morke Buty – an art and concert agency. He has been a music manager since 2003, he is the first manager of Happysad since the beginning of their career (and he has just recently organised their 1000th concert). During the Incubator project, Paweł will focus on main aspect of manager’s work. He will also share his knowledge about working with a band and media.

KATOWICE – Agata Trafalska

Lyrics’ author, music video director, photographer and painter. Sociology graduate and Polish philology Ph.D. at University of Warsaw. In 2011 she started studying at Academy of Art University in San Francisco. She works with Jazzboy Records. She is a co-author of Kortez’s success with whom she wrote lyrics for two albums: Bumerang and Mój dom. The music video she created for a song “Zostań” was nominated to Fryderyk Award in 2016.

In Incubator, Agata will mostly take care of the artistic aspects of musician’s career- the role of creativity in building artist’s image and music projects. She will teach about the interfusion of communities and finding inspirations.

POZNAŃ – Dagmara Gregorowicz

Vocalist, leader and manager of folk group called Dagadana, with which she has been touring around the world- and there is no exaggeration in these words. Dagadana has visited China, Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Slovakia, Argentina, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine and, most probably few more countries were added since you started reading.

During the program, Daga will focus on the most important aspects of managing music career and a band: on networking, conscious community building and gaining fans, experiences with showcase festivals and exporting music abroad.



Admired music journalist, author and presenter of Polish Radio Three. He was also a co-organiser of Off Festival and series of concerts called Męskie Granie.

During his workshops he will answer questions like: “What is characteristic for radio music?”, “What makes a good single?”, “What is the language’s influence on appearance on radio?” and any other that you will be willing to ask him.


Journalist, manager and music publisher, founder and owner of Borówka Music agency. Extremely effective concert organiser and promoter of artists from Poland, Iceland, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Sweden, Denmark and few others. Over 8 years, his agency has organised over 1600 gigs – from Cezik do islandic Astridir.

During Incubator he will teach you about organising concerts and gigs for “small” bands – possibly similar to yours.



The main organiser is Cultural Centre “Dworek Białoprądnicki”. The program and promotion is provided by Cracow Music Scene Foundation.


The project is supported financially by Department of Culture in Kraków and by Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland.

Partnering cities organizations: Katowice Miasto Ogrodów, Łódzkie Centrum Wydarzeń, Department of Culture in the city of Poznan, Krakowskie Biuro Festiwalowe:



Partnering festivals and conferences:




Workshops during Tak Brzmi Miasto Academy within Tak Brzmi Miasto: Incubator will cover four basic pillars of band activity: media, live performances, publishing and business aspect (finances/law).

Even though every curator specialises in slightly different aspects of music, we planned rotations so that each of them can be a guest in every city. This way the participants will be able to receive complete teaching.

Additionally, every city will hold a meeting with a special guest that will deepen a chosen topic, for example broadcasting music on the radio or organising tours.

The workshop will take place from 6 pm until 9 pm on the following dates:

ŁÓDŹ / Leszek Biolik:

March 5, April 4 (guest: Paweł Hordejuk), May 7 (guest: Agata Trafalska), June 4 (guest: Daga Gregorowicz), September 3 (special guest), October 1

KRAKÓW / Paweł Hordejuk:

March 6, April 3 (guest: Agata Trafalska), May 8 (guest: Daga Gregorowicz), June 5 (guest: Leszek Biolik), September 4 (special guest), October 2

KATOWICE / Agata Trafalska:

March 12, April 9 (guest: Agata Trafalska), May 15 (guest: Leszek Biolik), June 11 (guest: Paweł Hordejuk), September 10 (special guest), October 8

POZNAŃ / Daga Gregorowicz:

March 13, April 8 (guest: Leszek Biolik), May 16 (guest: Paweł Hordejuk), June 12 (guest: Agata Trafalska), September 11 (special guest), October 9


In addition to workshops with the curators, we prepared community meetings for you. That’s when we want to identify the collective goals of participants and plan the strategy to achieve the aims so that the participants could support each other even after finishing the project. During these meetings we will also host different guests from the music business.


March 19, April 16, May 21, June 18, September 17, October 15


March 20, April 17, May 22, June 19, September 18, October 16


March 26, April 23, May 28, June 25, September 24, October 22


March 27, April 24, May 29, June 26, September 25, October 23



Szymon Wyrembak
+48 12 420 49 64


Michał Wójcik
+48 694 713 732


Władek Foltyński
+48 606 211 523