Why most of the musicians practise first year for 10 years? What’s the difference between playing and practising? How to maximise the practise time? What exactly should we practise to succeed quickly? When to use metronome and when not? This musicians public-oriented lecture about those, and many other aspects will be led by Joe Hubbard, teacher who had an opportunity to teach leading bassists from all over the world. Not only did he study composition and instrumental studies in Berklee College of Music himself, but he also is a student of legendary tutor Charlie Banacos, who was his teacher for over 10 years. And the line of teachers of Charlie Banacos extends from Madame Chaloff, student of Carl Czerny, through Franz Liszt, to Beethoven and Mozart. Sounds good for one workshop about practising, doesn’t it?

Workshop in English.

This workshop has limited capasity. Please fil in registration form to make sure you can join us.