Republika, The Car Is on Fire, T.Love, Brodka, Wilki, Drekoty, Janusz Radek – what do they have in common? They are all linked by the person of Leszek Biolik – musician, composer, arranger and a music producer. He will share with you his great knowledge and experience during the music production workshop. It’s easy: you only need to send two pieces of music to with the subject “Warsztaty z Leszkiem na Tak Brzmi Miasto” (Workshop with Leszek on Hear The City). Leszek will choose two bands which will be invited to work with him. You play, talk, quarrel, meaning: you LEARN from each other. Who knows, maybe that’s the cooperation you were missing? Even if it doesn’t open up the opportunity to make a big career, it will definitely open your eyes to some things.