We wanted to write some cool description of this workshop, but Asi Mina did it herself so great, that we can only quote her: ‘What’s the sound of the city? How do we sound? We will check that! We will try to listen intently to the outside and what is inside ourselves. As John Cage used to say ‘Everything we do is music.’ Oh yes! We will set off on a journey from the silence, through the heartbeat, body drumming, second hand music, tonal tubes and tubular bells. We will play and sing. From whisper to scream, from ripple to noise. We will create a band of Omnifarious Improvisers and we will see that in the music there’s a place for everyone, regardless of the age, hobby or competencies. For me music is mainly an excuse to meet, so I’d like to invite you for the family workshop and collective music making. Let’s create good memories for ourselves!’