The workshop programme is based on the assumption that every children is musically gifted. Through the real experience with music-making the program initiates children in the world of music creation, not only passive perception. Crucial for this assumption is a fact that children learn the best when they mimic their strongest authorities, that is their parents or caretakers. They are the ones who show them how actively create music, even if they are not ‘musically inclined’! Pomelody is a web based international music program filled with music, activities, animations, plays, reads, etc., devoted to to infants, children and their families. We guarantee that your children will have a lot of fun and you will get to know how to become a music authority for your kid, even if you don’t have a music education, you will learn what is a musical gift and how to develop it, and how to use music for the language education.

The workshop will be run by Olena Prokhorets. A workshop in Polish.