Samurai Cop

The youngest child of the unwritten collectivity which instead of recording new albums – makes new bands. Milion Much, Artykuły Rolne or already legendary Eric Roberts & The Pussy Lovers, which is not remembered even by those with the memory like an elephant – it’s more or less the same party. They write about themselves that it’s a ‘sound journey to the eclectic 90s and a result of fascination with B movies. Band’s composite character is based on short and compact pieces and the sound of two super heavy basses, smashing drums and uncivilized screams.’ The truth is that they go with an eerie, more or less improvised noises from the back of your head, and it’s so good that – if they of course don’t disappear in a moment, like they are used to – that if you see them now, later you will be able to brag saying ‘I remember them when they still had 92 Likes on FB’.