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  • Showcase & Conference
  • The main theme of the sixth edition of the conference is not an easy subject of collaboration.
  • Collaboration understood in many aspects: between musicians, between cities,
  • between different disciplines of art.
  • On 11th and 12th November 2017, at Teatr Nowy Proxima (Krakowska 41) in Cracow
  • we’ll be looking for answers if we should collaborate, with whom, and how.
  • During more than 20 panel discussion, workshops, lectures and presentations
  • we will be learning from experiences of international experts – musicians, promotors, managers,
  • journalists and labels representatives. Come and have your share.

Panel Discussion





  • Robert AmirianROBERT AMIRIAN
    As the CEO and A&R of powerful new Polish label NEXTPOP, with nearly 25 years of experience as a producer, musician, award-winning composer and manager, Robert Amirian knows Polish music market thoroughly from all angles. His trendsetting NEXTPOP operates as the 360 degree concept company – record label/A&R/recording studio/PR and promotion/booking agency/artist management. NEXTPOP’s indie artists like BOKKA, Fismoll or Kari are major acts in 40-million Poland, with already established presence at international festivals like Isle Of Wight, Reeperbahn, The Great Escape, Sziget, Eurosonic or Waves. The label’s new initiatives are in the making and include international operations.
  • Jake Beaumont-NesbittJAKE BEAUMONT-NESBITT
    He’s a manager for Peter Gregson and a counsellor for numerous artists. Most of all, he’s in the board of International Music Managers Forum (IMMF). An organization federating managers from more than 30 countries.
  • Kamila BorucKAMILA BORUC
    More than anything else Kamila values a sharp eyes and a good story. After experiences with literature, photography and music, she engaged into film, naturally, which bonds together all of her passions. Gratuated Texts on Culture on The Jagiellonian University and Filmmaking on AMA Film Academy, co-founded the Studio 29/2 initiative, which she’s been managing, producer of an Internet talk-show. Producer of many music videos for artists from Poland and abroad, she produced also TV and Internet commercials, and a short film „Short Story About Luck” (dir. Nat Zarneki). She states that every year she’s „aiming to produce 3-4 video clips” to come back to the music world.
  • Radek BednarzRADEK BEDNARZ
    A musician, composer, producer, independent publisher. Founder of the international platform and the art director of Eklektik Session Festival, which both aim at the promotion and integration of the creative entourage, to bridge cultures and make the dialogue between artists. The winner of 2015 Wrocław Music Award for his novelty in creating a music event engaging community and public in meetings with various art fields. Leader of the Wrocław band MILOOPA and the international trio HANG EM HIGH. He was performing at the prestigious festivas in US, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Great Britain, Netherlands, Estonia, Sweden, Czechia, Slovakia, Luxembourg and Hungary. He is a creator of nearly 20 authorial works, co-worked with many artists from all over the world, such as Nils Petter Molvaer, Eivind Aarset, Guo Gan, Mieko Miyazaki, Loup Barrow, Roli Mosimann, Blu Rum 13, Meng Tian.
  • Leszek BiolikLESZEK BIOLIK
    Musician and producer. Played, among others, with Republika, Obywatel GC, Stanisław Sojka, Maanam, Robert Gawliński, Elements. Produced albums, worked and played with e.g. Brodka, The Car Is On Fire, Marcin Rozynek, Małgorzata Ostrowska, Fiolka, Misia Ff, T.Love, Justyna Steczkowska, Grzegorz z Ciechowa, Magnificent Muttley, 8 Lat w Tybecie. Creator and cofounder of Otwarta Scena (Open Stage) Foundation, which handles recording and promotion of the live video sessions for young, promising artists. The foundation made over 120 recordings for over 40 artists thus far. On the Open Stage performed e.g. Organek, Kaseciarz, Jóga, Enchanted Hunters, Mela Koteluk, Hokei, Julia Marcell, Rykarda Parasol, Babu Król, Wovoka, L. Stadt, Skubas
  • Anna CeynowaANNA CEYNOWA
    Ekspert ds. kultury i sektorów kreatywnych w Ministerstwie Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego. Przez ostatnie 10 lat zajmowała się promocją polskiej kultury i muzyki za granicą. Organizowała m.in. międzynarodowe warsztaty na temat eksportu muzyki w Sztokholmie. Jako promotorka i dziennikarka brała udział w wielu międzynarodowych wydarzeniach muzycznych.
  • Tomek DoksaTOMEK DOKSA
    His experience with professional media started with local department of Gazeta Wyborcza, after which he had w short episode with the academic radio. He wrote for Aktivist!, Hiro, Exklusive and was in chair of the music and film department in Onet. Co-created T-Mobile Music and now he is a director f the Culture department on RedBull.pl and a deputy editor-in-chief of Gazeta Magnetofonowa. For living, he is also a content manaer in e-commerce.
  • Przemek DziewitekPRZEMEK DZIEWITEK
    A coach, trainer and a moderator co-working with TROP Group. Holds a diploma in pedagogy and sociology, dedicated many years to work with people and for people, by training, facilitating, building engagement and implementing methods of participation. Worked for all of the sectors: business, self-government and public administration, NGOs. Works permanently with Stowarzyszenie Pracownia Obywatelska, National Federation of Polish NGOs. Graduated TROP Academy, coach specialization, ToT course of NGO Trainers’ Association, and School of Leader of Polish – American Freedom Foundation.
  • Dariusz EckertDARIUSZ ECKERT
    Kraków poet, bricklayer and a hooligan. A graduate of a reputable Company-afilliated Vocational Building School. Engaged in many artistic projects in literature, music and theatre. Among others, printed in Szafa, Doza, Obok, Pogranicza, Arterie, Red and Prowincja as well as in multiple thematic collections. Vocalist and author of the lyrics of band INKWIZYCJA. In April 2008 Bifrost publishing house published his collection of poems and short stories under title “My Angel”. In 2009 published his collection of children’s stories “Pafnucy the King” (Debit publishing house), and in 2012 publishing house Warszawska Firma Wydawnicza released “Kamienica” (the tenement house) for which he was nominated for the Angelus award.
  • Michał FaronMICHAŁ FARON
    Trainer and coach, consultant and psychodramatist. Fascinated with people, reations and work on stage. Profesionally he deals with supprot and developement of teams, especially in business organizations. Amateurishly – with watercolour painting and playing keyboard instruments. Appreciates being “here and now”.
  • Władek FoltyńskiWŁADEK FOLTYŃSKI
    Author, bass player, marketer. Creator of a blog Muzyk 2.0 promoting an idea of a new music industry and supporting DIY marketing initiatives. 8 years of experience in working for the biggest brands of the Polish advertising market (with stops for philological studies, training for trainers and business psychology). 10 years of exploring music industry from the musician, advisor and a fan perspective.
  • Krzysztof GrabowskiKRZYSZTOF GRABOWSKI
    Co-founder and the drummer of Dezerter, founded as SS-20 in 1981 in Warsaw. The group has been performing continuously and releasing albums to this date (14 LPs). Grabowski is an author of almost all of the band’s lyrics. Between 1983 – 1986 he was the chief editor and publisher of the Azotox fanzine. In 1993-94 co-editor of the TV programme about independet culture called “AlternaTiVi”. Author of a book about the band “Dezerter – poroniona generacja?”. From 1999 apart from playing with the grup he’s been also working with the applied graphics.
  • Tamara KamińskaTAMARA KAMIŃSKA
    Holds a degree in philosophy which she graduated on University of Silesia in Katowice. Studied also Management in culture on University of Economics in Katowice. From 2012 she’s been working in Institution of Culture – Katowice – City of Gardens, where from 2016 she’s been a deputy director, responsible for the substantive programme of the institution and co-operation with Polish and foreing partners, such as Kraków, Lublin, Sopot, Wrocław, Adelaide, Mannheim, Kingstone, Hannover, Sewilla, Saint Etienne). Creator of the innovative suport programme for NGOs (Micorgrants), which opened new possibilities and chances for cooperation between public and private sectors. In 2015 she applied to the UNESCO Creative Cities Network and from December 2015 Katowice are a part of this network in music field. She’s leading the program Katowice City of Music. Together with the Sound Diplomacy company betwen yera s- she worked on report about the policy of developement of the music industry in Katowice, which was published in June 2016.
  • Maciej KarbowskiMACIEJ KARBOWSKI
    A musician known especially from the group Tides From Nebula, performing on stages all over the world. Producer and sund engineer in his own Nebula Studio. Endorser of brands such as Fender or Visar Stompboxes. A fan of a classic guitars and good, genuine sound.
  • Jan KlataJAN KLATA
    A theatre director and playwright, former Director of the Helena Modrzejewska National Stary Theatre in Kraków, columnist for Tygodnik Powszechny. Cooperation with black metal band Furia in Wyspiański’s The Wedding’s adaptation has stirred up a controversy in both, music and theatre circles.
  • Wojciech KonikiewiczWOJCIECH KONIKIEWICZ
    Musician, composer and a music producer, one of the creators of the Polish jazz avant-garde and electronic music movements, but also coworker of he most important figures of Polish rock music, such as Janerka, Ciechowski, Brylewski, Budzyński, and many others. Performed in many countries, e.g. UK, Germany, Switzerland, France, Czechia, US, South Korea, Japan, India, Mexico, Kenya, Ethiopia. Head of recently re-established Polish musicians’ trade union (Związek Zawodowy Muzyków RP), actively works also in the Polish jazz society (Polskie Stowarzyszenie Jazzowe) and in Polish Society of Authors and Composers (ZAiKS).
    Journalist (in years 2008-2013 head of a Culture department in Głos Wielkopolski), music critic in Głos Wielkopolski, Teraz Rock, Machina, Muza et al., author of the permanent exhibition’s scenario in the Polish Song Museum in Opole. Holds a diploma in law, currently the deputy director of the Culture Department in the Poznań City Council. Initiator of the best record cover competition ‘30/30’ which has been organized by the Municipal Gallery Arsenal since 2015, and a member of the jury.
  • Michał KowalskiMICHAŁ KOWALSKI
    A lawyer, musician and a journalist. Founder of a group Wszystkie Wschody Słońca. Known also as a promoter of an independent culture and a concerts organizer. In his legal activity, he is specialized in copyrights. Provides his legal services to many Polish bands in copyrights area, e.g. group Me Myself and I, as well as the publishing houses: Creative Music, Make Some Noise Management, and other companies from the music industry. Founder of Muzykaiprawo.pl, site helping and assisting creators and presenting copyrights issue in the context of a new, digital world.
  • Hubert KozeraHUBERT KOZERA
    Musician, bass player, sound engineer. He is an event producer in Łódzkie Centrum Wydarzeń. Founder and the art director of Songwriter Łódź Festival.
  • Michał KuźniakMICHAŁ KUŹNIAK
    Known as Nihil, vocalist and guitarist of black metal Furia. Creating under the iconic Pagan Records label, released around 30 albums, is a person better known in the world of extreme seeking music. His groups’ albums set new canons for this music genre in Poland and were recognised abroad, which is shown in his band’s, Furia good sales results in US, invitations to perform in Japan and other parts of the world, as well as at the most important music festivals (Off Festival, Katowice; Primavera Sound, Barcelona). Another side of his work is a cooperation with the theatre world. In 2017 Furia has started working with The Helena Modrzejewska National Stary Theater playing role of a band in The Wedding by Stanisław Wyspiański, directed by Jan Klata, in which Nihil at the same time plays the role of the rosebush cane straw-wrap. Another results of his experiments is an avant-garde project Morowe, which has already set the stanards for Polish loud music. Apart from the involvement on scene, works also as a graphic designer, sound engineering and music production, by running his own workplace and a recording studio – Czyściec (Purgatory).
  • Iza LachIZA LACH
    Won “Od przedszkola do Opola” TV show when she was five-years-old. In 2006 signed a contract with EMI, where she released two albums. In 2012 Iza won a competition held by Snoop Dogg. Co-operation with the rapper resulted in their album „Off The Wire” (released on the BandCamp website) and guest appearance on Snoop Lion’s album „Reincarnated”. Co-operated also with group L.Stadt. Performed on festivals such as SXSW in Austin, Reeperbahn in Hamburg, Cultur Collide in Los Angeles, CMJ in New York and Opener Festival in Gdynia. Founder of a record label Made by us.
  • Adam LewartowskiADAM LEWARTOWSKI
    Bass player of L.Stadt group, a manager of Iza Lach. Certified band-coach. A musician, producer and a pedagogue.
  • Piotr MadejPIOTR MADEJ
    You may know him as Patrick The Pan. Composer, music producer, songwriter, singer, pianist and guitarist. In Kayax record label released two albums, which were positively received by audience and critics. Performed twice on Open’er Festival, Męskie Granie, Off Festival, and many others all over the country. Writes music also for the theatre productions and commercials. Worked with, among others, Misia Furtak, Ralph Kaminski, Smolik/Kev Fox or Dawid Podsiadło, with whom he recorded piece “Niedopowieści”.
  • Maciej MadejskiMACIEJ MADEJSKI
    Radio host at Radio Afera for over 20 years, focused mainly on easteuropean scenes past and present; music journalist who runs a site www.FabrykaZespołów.pl, dedicated to mostly new acts from all over the world; promoter of young polish bands; concert organizer/booker for newcomers from Central and Eastern Europe; DJ; rare CDs and LPs collector.
  • Dariusz MakarukDARIUSZ MAKARUK
    As a music producer and performer he plays his own electro-jazz and experimental ambient music repertoire. He is a member of Polish Society for Electroacoustic Music (PSeME) – a Polish department of CIME/ICEM in Bourges supported byUNESCO. He performed with renown jazz music performers: Michał Urbaniak, Tomasz Stańko, Tymon Tymański, Urszula Dudziak, Włodzimierz Kiniorski. He is also an author and composer of Taboo Folktales project and music album (Erotyki Ludowe) – an attempt to contemporary interpretation of Polish traditional music published by Karrot Kommando. He is a grand prizewinner of the International Contest at Les Bains Numeriques #9 Festival for the duo performance with the project Dimension N with Alba G Corral [ES]. Makaruk performed at festivals in many countries, such as Japan, Spain, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Sweden, India, China. As an audiovisual performer he creates interactive visualisations and interactive architectural installations. He also writes custom software in Max/MSP Jitter and Unity3D and uses it for stage light, sound and video performance live. Cooperated with Mabel Octobre Theatre, France. He is an initiator and Artistic Director of Moving Closer Innovative Art Festival organised in Warsaw, Poland and Laserowa Noc Festival organised in Kielce, Poland.
  • Piotr MaślankaPIOTR MAŚLANKA
    The owner of the label and booking agency Karrot Kommando, manager of groups such as Warsaw Village Band, Pablopavo, Świetliki, musician in Paprika Korps and Duberman.
  • Georges PerotGEORGES PEROT
    In the music industry active for almost two decades, in 1998 founded MESO Music Events in order to create the Greek Network of European Music Day. The European Music Day is nowadays the biggest music event in Southeastern Europe; it’s a project thanks to which Georges accomplished to reach millions of visitors over 10 years. From 2004 Georges organized hundreds of key cultural and marketing events and since 2008 he’s been co-operating with multiple European networks, such as Fête Européenne de la Musique, Viva Europa, Euricca, Europavox and Global Entrepreneurship Week.
  • Robert PiaskowskiROBERT PIASKOWSKI
    Graduated Polish studies and Sociology on Jagiellonian University and Universitè d’Aix Marseille in Aix en Provence, holds a diploma in Cultural diplomacy (Collegium Civitas in Warsaw); US Department of State’s programme „Promoting Social Change through Arts” grant holder. One of the founders and first chairman of the Pro Musica Mundi association; Chevalier of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres of France; Cracovian of the Year 2013 by Dziennik Polski. Manages the programme department of Krakow Festival Office, which is realizing Krakow’s cultural policy, coordinating flagship festivals, such as: Misteria Paschalia, Opera Rara, Sacrum Profanum, Off Camera, Divine Comedy International Theatre Festival, literature festivals (Conrad Festival and Miłosz Festival). Art director and the main coordinator of Film Music Festival, the biggest and the most valued festival of this music genre in the world. Responsible for integration and communication of the activities among the self-government entities and NGOs from Poland and abroad. Co-author of Krakow’s application for the UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network, initiator of the merger of the city libraries and one of the originator of the idea of Krakow’s joining the International Cities of Refuge Network ICORN. Chief of the task force on building Literature and Language Centre in Skład Solny – multifunction literary centre in Zabłocie.
  • Magdalena PiotrowskaMAGDALENA PIOTROWSKA
    Mastering engineer and the owner of the Hear Candy Mastering studio. Apprentice of a repeatedly awarded Mandy Parnell (Grammy, Tech Awards and MPG), who worked, among others, with Bjork, Tom Jones, Aphex Twin and Sigur Ros. Participated post-graduate studies “Music Production and Recording” at the University of Stavanger, where she could combine passion for sound and travelling; member of a sound technicians group at Banff Centre for the Arts, Canada. In 2016 defensed her PhD dissertation on Music Information Retrieval subject. Currently member of a project dealing with the automatic speech transcription. Cooperated with artists from different music genres and areas, e.g. KARI, Further Away, Sonder, The Duffs. One of the productions she worked on was nominated to the 2016 Fryderyk awards. An active member of Audio Engineering Society. Coordinated programme “Education&Student Events” during AES convention in Europe and US. Former Vice Chair of AES Education Committee, currently a Governor in the same. One of the founders of Learn How To Sound, which organizes trainings on sound production.
  • Bogusław PlutaBOGUSŁAW PLUTA
    Graduated SGH Warsaw School of Economics, for many years has been working in Business Informatics department, the head of the collecting society ZPAV, from 1997 has been representing Poland in the Performance Rights Committee at IFPI.
  • Piotr RadioPIOTR RADIO
    DIY concerts organizer, focusing on Polish indie and underground scene. Creator of a DIT collective “Komuna Muzyczna”. A utopist, madman, hothead, radio host and stage announcer. Jolly bearded guy who’d love to help everyone as much as he can.
    He loves good beer, udon and Czech Rep.
  • Sebastian RerakSEBASTIAN RERAK
    A journalist, translator, expert in media studies. Author of the book “Chłepcąc ciekły hel – histøria yassu”. Lead editor of the Mystic Art magazine. Previously and nowadays publishing in many different media, such as Onet, Dziennik, K Mag, Ślizg, Fluid, Machina, Vice Polska, Antena Krzyku, Laif.
  • Jorgos SkoliasJORGOS SKOLIAS
    An outstanding vocalist, author of music and lyrics. Improviser and a voice mystic. He developed original polyphonic technique (harmonic singing). For many years one of the most colorful people of the Polish jazz-ish music scene. He conducts the vocal workshops. Worked as a session musician in many film and theatre productions. Co-worked with many groups, i.e. Tie Break, Pick Up, Free Cooperation, Young Power, Warsaw Village Band, Dżem, Voo Voo, Krzak, Basspace, Audiofeeling.
  • Dominik StrycharskiDOMINIK STRYCHARSKI
    A composer, recorder player, vocalist, improviser, performer and columnist. In every field of his practice – a self-taught man, supported by Music education studies on Univeristy of Silesia in Cieszyn. Released over 30 albums with his own or co-lead projects, especially Pulsarius, but also Core 6, Rhplus, BandFx, Proheic Fall, Progrram/Kostas New Progrram, Max Klezmer Band. Wrote music for over 80 theatre plays, drawing from many genres and stylings, very often playing live music to those plays. Since 2001 created award-winning Bretoncaffe Theatre as a composer and lecturer.
  • Paweł SzamburskiPAWEŁ SZAMBURSKI
    A musician, clarinetist, composer associated with LadoABC label. Collaborates with SzaZa, Bastarda, Lost Education music groups and a clarinet quartet Ircha. Composes music on interdisciplinary level for theatre, film, radio plays or modern dance theatre. Released a dozen albums, performs succesfully in Poland and abroad.
  • Monika SzubrychtMONIKA SZUBRYCHT
    Z wykształcenia polonistka, dziennikarka i neurologopedka. Prowadzi w Interii serwis „Mam Dziecko”. Mama Igora i Anastazji.
  • Katarzyna ŚmigielskaKATARZYNA ŚMIGIELSKA
    Theatre scholar, received scholarship awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Culture. In Focus S.A. in Barcelona she was dealing with the foreign contacts and co-produced of the theatre and opera plays. In the Cervantes Institute in Kraków coordinated artistic and educational projects. In Krakow Festival Office works in the local initiatives department where she coordinates theatre, opera, educational projects and EtnoKraków/Rozstaje Festival.
  • Krzysztof Trebunia-TutkaKRZYSZTOF TREBUNIA-TUTKA
    An architect, musician, pedagogue. Born and passionate mountaineer and Zakopane resident honoring the tradition and fighting for its survival. Graduated Faculty of Architecture on Cracow University of Technology and also holds a diploma in teaching traditional music. Founder and leader of a family folk musical group Trebunie-Tutki, highlander music band Śleboda and Małe Trebunie-Tutki (Little Trebunie-Tutki) involving his children. Author of a radio-broadcasts and lectures. Originator and creator of many albums with traditional highlander music and inspired by international cooperation, i.e. Twinkle Brothers (Jamaica), Urmuli Quintet (Georgia); author of projects with Voo Voo and Wojciech Waglewski, Krzysztof Ścierański, Kinior. Repeatedly nominated for the Phonographic Academy awards “Fryderyk”. Juror and the anchorman of many folklore and folk festivals, e.g. The New Tradition Polish radio Folk Festival. Creator of a new highlander music trend, a creative continuation of Skalne Podhale region music and an attempt of saving it for next generations. Created groundbreaking method of teaching the highlander traditional music with the sign writing he developed himself. Re-awarded for his work and lifetime achievement with Gloria Artis Medal for Merit to Culture or with the prestigious title The Polish Language Ambassador (with Trebunie-Tutki group) awarded by The Polish Language Council.
  • Kuba WandachowiczKUBA WANDACHOWICZ
    Bass player, author of songs’ lyrics and composer. Known from bands such as Cool Kids of Death, Tryp, NOT and Mister D. Co-owner of the ‘DOM’ club in Łódź. Columnist and essayist, e.g. Czas Kultury, Purpose, Muza. Former editor-in-chief of the Pulp magazine. Author of the songs’ lyrics for, among others, Tomek Makowiecki and Justyna Steczkowska.
  • Małgorzata WarsickaMAŁGORZATA WARSICKA
    Graduated Faculty of Theatre Directing on Stanisław Wyspiański Academy for the Dramatic Arts and Architecture and Urban Planning on Cracow University of Technology. Awarded for the best directing debut at The Debutants’ Festival First Contact in 2015 and Forum Młodej Reżyserii award in Kraków for the theatre play “Jakobi i Leidenthal” written by Hanoch Levin (Ludwik Solski Theatre in Tarnów). Next year awarded for directing the play “Nieskończona historia” (Endless story) by Artur Pałyga. Her play “Król” (King) based on Słowacki’s King the Spirit was recognized twice on the first edition “Klasyka Żywa” competition. The winner of a Young Poland scholarship programme. Co-operated with Studio Theatre in Łódź, Stefan Jaracz Theatre in Olsztyn, Ludwik Solski Theatre in Tarnów, Wilam Horzyca Theatre in Toruń, Juliusz Słowacki Theatre in Kraków and with the Music Academy in Poznań and Bydgoszcz. Co-worked as an assistant with Mariusz Treliński in the National Opera and Iwan Wyrypajew in Studio Theatre in Warsaw.
  • Tomek WillmanTOMEK WILLMAN
    The organizer of concerts and cultural events. Representative of Warsztat, and independent cultural and social center which since it’s opening in 2016 has been a place aiming at supporting all forms of independent culture and social involvement.
  • Wojciech WojdaWOJCIECH WOJDA
    Singer, autor of the lyrics and co-founder of the band FARBEN LEHRE, present on stage since 1986. The group from Płock released 12 studio albums, 4 dvd records and gave over 1500 concerts in Poland and abroad thus far. A manager of his band continuously since two decades and for last years also other artists, among others of Kamil Bednarek (2010-2016), Raggafaya, Maleo Reggae Rockers or Closterkeller. Currently co-works with ‘younger’ musicians, such as Offensywa, Pajujo, Raggabarabanda or Molly Malone’s. In years 2004-2011 initiator and organizer of Poland nationwide tour Punky Reggae Live, where Farben Lehre was one of the main performers. Interested not only in music, but also in history, film and travelling. Graduated Institute of History at the University of Warsaw.



11 NOVEMBER 2017
12 NOVEMBER 2017

Co-operation or competition?

A family band. How to join music with private matters.

Co-operation with a manager or self-management?

Music and the theatre

Independence or support? Does it make sense to work with a label?

International artistic co-operations

Co-operation with the city

Music in service of the ideology

Together we stand!

Music Scenes Meeting

Networking – how to get the mythological contacts?

Effective working in group

What does your music look like?

How to co-operate with the media

How to work on relationships in the band

Listen critically, or how to evaluate what you hear

Music production workshop with Leszek Biolik

Co-operation on paper

Musician 2.0 – working in a band

European Creative Networks

What youth listents to… or children and music

What does the band consist of

Music video – DIY or Do It Together?

Meet & Greet

Meet the panelists

Meet the panelists

Meet the panelists

Meet the panelists

Meet the panelists

Meet the panelists

Meet the panelists

Meet the panelists

Meet the panelists

Polish music export. Where are we and where can we be?




Artykuły Rolne


Smoking Barrelz


It’s July Already





All conference rooms – Kawiarnia Literacka (i jej aula), Galeria Off-Frame and Teatr Nowy Proxima – are placed in one building.

  • Ul.Krakowska 41, Kraków
  • Nearest bus/tram stop: Plac Wolnica
  • Free parking in the streets on weekends/holiday


All concert venues are placed within 10 minutes distance.

  • Ul. Krakowska 41, Kraków
  • Nearest bus/tram stop: Plac Wolnica
  • Free parking in the streets on weekends/holiday
  • Ul. Bożego Ciała 9, Kraków
  • Nearest bus/tram stop: Stradom
  • Free parking in the streets on weekends/holiday
  • Ul. Estery 5, Kraków
  • Nearest bus/tram stop: Miodowa
  • Free parking in the streets on weekends/holiday
  • Ul. Podgórska 16, Kraków (PLEASE NOTE: Barka is an actual cargo ship on Vistula river)
  • Nearest bus/tram stop: Plac Wolnica
  • Free parking in the streets on weekends/holiday
  • Ul. Nadwiślańska 1, Kraków
  • Nearest bus/tram stop: Plac Wolnica
  • Free parking in the streets on weekends/holiday


  • PRE-SALES at Biletomat.pl:
  • 85 zł – full two day ticket (conference + all concerts)
  • 25 zł – one day ticket (conference only)
  • 45 zł – two day ticket (conference only)
  • 240 zł – band ticket for 3 people (conference + concerts)
  • 300 zł – band ticket for 4 people (conference + concerts)
  • 360 zł – band ticket for 5 people (conference + concerts)
  • 20 zł – single concert venue ticket
  • 100 zł – full two day ticket (conference + all concerts)
  • 35 zł – one day ticket (conference only)
  • 55 zł – two day ticket (conference only)
  • 25 zł – single concert venue ticket


Agnieszka Barańska / Radio Kraków
Aleksandra Niewiadomska / Wywrota
Andrzej Bonarek / Małopolski Ogród Sztuki
Andrzej Wodziński / Muzyczny Kraków
Anna Jaśkielewicz / ZPAV
Artur Jackowski / Karnet
Barbara Habieda / Ośrodek Kultury im. C. K. Norwida
Bart Zaborowski / BART MUSIC LIBRARY
Bartosz Kicior / Radio 17
Bartosz Latko / Radio Spectrum
Borys Dubiański / Backyard Music
Cyprian Buś / Front Row Heroes
Daga Gregorowicz / Dagadana
Damian Moskalski / muzykazpolski.pl
Damian Roman / Nonagram Studio
Daniel Kesler / Guitar Manic
Denys Amirov / Radio Spektrum Uniwersytetu Pedagogicznego
Ewelina Pacyna / RMF
Grzegorz Potoczek / Concept Music Art
Halina Jasonek / Onet.pl / Gazeta Magnetofonowa
Igor Kuranda / Karnet
Izolda Sznaps / Karoryfer Lecolds / Hańba!
Jakub Śliwiński / Off Radio Kraków
Jan Król / Radiofonia
Joanna Matyasik / Katalog Artystyczny
Justyna Galińska / 1st Row Rocks
Justyna Grochal / Interia Muzyka
Kamil Osobniak / Attention Please! / SoMusic.pl
Kasia Kowalska / Zapętlone & Sofar Sounds Wrocław
Katarzyna Cudek / Krakowskie Biuro Festiwalowe
Katarzyna Grzmielewska / Radio Spectrum
Klaudia Chwastek / Magnifier
Krzysztof Czaja / Life Festival Oświęcim
Krzysztof Strużyna / Umuzykalniony
Kuba Modrzecki / Huta Metalu
Łukasz Chrzanowski / Nowohuckie Centrum Kultury
Maciej Pilarczyk / Chaos Management Group
Marcin Janusiński / Emergenza Festival
Maria Zimny / Jazz Press
Marianna Kosch / SoFar Sounds Kraków
Mariusz Herma / beehype, Polityka
Mateusz Marzec / Wywrota
Mateusz Opyrchał / RMF FM
Michał Błaszczyk / Radio Kraków
Michał Smoll / Metalurgia
Michał Surówka / NSB Entertainment (wczeĹ niej Niebieska Strefa Bluesa)
Olena Prokhorets / Keep Sound
Paweł Gzyl / Nowa Muzyka
Paweł Hordejuk / Mokre Buty / Happysad
Piotr Kleszewski / Metalurgia
Piotr Worobiej / Outrave
Przemek Kubajewski / Akademia Menedżerów Muzycznych
Przemek Szczerbiński / Biblioteka Polskiej Piosenki
Rafał Baryła / RMF FM
Sandra Cieniawska / Radio 17
Teresa Chaim / Urząd Miasta Krakowa
Tomasz Gregorczyk / Program II Polskiego Radia, Fragile
Tomasz Prażuch / NowaNuta.pl
Tytus Kalicki / Unquiet Records
Ula Andruszko / Radio Wrocław Kultura / Klub Firlej
Ula Nowak / Pannonica Folk Festival
Wojciech Groń / Szafa Muzyczna




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